A Dummies View On Braids

ImageIf you are like me, and you love braids but, find them impossible, then you will like this little rant. Because well… there might just be some advice at the end.

I mean how can you keep up with them all there are fish tails, waterfalls, dutch braids, double braids, french braids, Grecian braids and many more. All I can do is a normal plait, (thats what we call braids here in the uk) and a very wonky french braid. Help Me!


Everyone seems to be rocking braids at the moment even tiny wee ones, but I just can’t seem to pull them off. I do actually want to learn how to braid better, I mean this post isn’t just a big rant, but most of my friends and family are pretty useless and well, I do have one auntie who is a hairdresser but she lives really far away. 😦 I know I am so deprived….


More than anything I would LOVE to learn how to do a waterfall braid, so if anyone can help me please leave a comment below! I am coming to you my friends as a last resort! 😛

Braids are so, cute and even though like everything else they can be a bit OTT sometimes, they do really make you look that much more awesome! if you love/hate them as much as me, (it’s a complicated relationship we have) then make sure to get back to mwa, and share your inspiration, ideas or just plain rants!

You Know you Want To!


80’s Brilliance


With programmes like ‘The Carrie Diaries’ coming out, neon 80’s fashion is coming back, better and bigger than ever. Unless, you have been living on the moon lately, you have probably been out shopping and realised that neon is the next big trend to hit the high streets. I am personally in love with neon skirts and am in the process of building a collection.


I am of course fully aware that I have already posted about the new fashion craze that is neon fashion, so that is why I am using this opportunity to blog about its origins…THE AMAZING 80’S!

In the 1980’s fashion was all about finding yourself and expressing your creativity. Men wore heavy makeup and had long hair while women went oh natural, with short hair. There was just no status quo!


I know some people refer to the 80’s as ‘the time that fashion forgot’ and well in some ways i do agree for example, SHELL SUITS! But in many other ways I couldn’t disagree more because all the so called ‘crimes again fashion’ like, leggings, acid was jeans, leg warmers and puffball skirts, have all made a comeback and certainly- if worn correctly- can look awesome and give any boring outfit that wow factor. I mean what is fashion, with boundaries, because like I always say….



(doesn’t the 80’s influence in this outfit just make it that much more awesome)

I personally disagree, with all the 1980’s haters, because even though there were many fashion faux pas, it was also a time where fashion, was crazy and there were no boundaries. Nowadays too many people just resort to jeans and a t-shirt,  so maybe if we could bring just a little bit of 80’s brilliance back, we could make for a more wonderful and enigmatic word!

Till Tomoz……xoxo

Johnny Cash


If you follow me on twitter you may already know this, but last night I heard ‘hurt’ by Johnny Cash for the first time, and well i love it! His voice is so beautiful and he sings it with such emotion and meaning. I think it may be my favourite song of all time. I know he made mistakes in his life, but when you listen to this you release he is sorry, and i think all of us can relate to it.


The lyrics are beautiful and even though I am fully aware it is actually a cover of a song by the nine-inch nails, I really believe that Johnny Cash has made it his own, and dare I say it….It is much better than the original.

‘Cash recording my song means much more to me than any industry accolades I might receive, and also having Cash say that “Hurt” reminded him of a song that he would have written during his Sixties heyday was one of the most wonderful compliments that I had ever been paid as a musician.’ – Trent Reznor 

I know it may seem a bit weird that I have never heard the song before, but to be honest I had never really been a massive Johnny Cash fan, because well I don’t really think I am of the correct generation. But after hearing ‘hurt’, I have a whole new love for him as a musician and a person.

Make sure and Listen to ‘Hurt’ if you haven’t heard it before!

Fyodor Golan


Designer duo Fyodor Golan have been announced as one of The Centre for Fashion Enterprises, new ‘fashion stars’, so i thought I might look a bit deeper into their collection, and tell those of you who do not know that much about them, a little bit more.

There real names are Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, but they are more commonly know together as Fyodor Golan. They are known for their outgoing and expressive style, which was definitely reflected in their Spring/Summer 2013 collection.


 Their collection was definitely, ‘spiritually charged’

Fyodor Golan, take their inspiration from a more alien style, so there ability to transform it and make it sophisticated and glamorous, is probably why they are so successful. The models had lipstick markings on them from the book, ‘The Black Tattoo’. Their collection was also inspired by Aztec and Mayan warriors and elements, which was just beautiful. Although how many warriors do you know, can wear a stunning pepulum skirt with heels, and still win a war! 😛

Blue was of course, the colour of choice, but there were some purples and Ivory’s, which I personally loved because I thought the variation In material and colour really brought, some diversity to the collection.


 An example of the diversity in the collection.


 There were all sorts from beautiful body-con and lattice work dresses , to elegant flowing gowns, decorated with ruffles and plenty of beadwork. The pieces were mixed up with blue flames of orange, which were so beautifully decorated that they could of been an Autumn leaves. The eye-catching hats were designed by Zara Gorman, and were so unusual that they maybe could be accused of stealing the show

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 21.50.03

 I hope you found this post interesting, and If you haven’t heard of Fyodor Golan before, I hope this post spurs an obsession, because they are just so unusual and should definitely be watched.

The 90’s: Confused or Cool


I have to admit, part of me really loves 90’s fashion, because well…it’s definitely quirky, but was it all deliberate or were there just a lot of confused teens?

There were many different trends such as as grunge, baby doll and bright and baggy! Who Knew! 😛



Grunge had that sort of ‘just rolled out of bed look’, but don’t judge some of the coolest bands of that decade like Nirvana, were grunge gods. It was all about looking dishevelled and flaunting your long, bordering on greasy locks. You didn’t have to come from seattle either- which was the home of grunge music- to rock the look, most wannabe teens just wore baggy rock tees under plaid flannel shirts.



 The schoolgirl look of babydoll dresses, with puffy sleeves and thigh high stockings became popular because of movies such as Clueless, which were all the rage in the 90’s. Another fashion trend which took its inspiration from the baby wear look was wearing slip dresses over t-shirts. I personally think the babydoll trend was super cute and sometimes wish I could get away with it nowadays, (not that I don’t try). 😛


Bright and Baggy


 Baggy and Bright colourful jeans were all the rage in the 90’s.  Hip Hop stars made it, so that the baggier that your jeans were the cooler you were. Colours such as yellow, red, green and indigo were seen on every 90’s teen. Huge overall’s were also popular, and could be worn in two ways, either with just one strap and letting the other hang, or unhooking both straps and wearing a belt to stop them falling off! This larger than life fashion, may seem a bit alien to us but it has effected a lot of our fashion today such as lazy day tee’s or boyfriend jumpers.! xx

Big Shoes


 The one thing that all these trends have in common and something that was undeniably probably the biggest fashion craze in the 90’s was ‘Chunky’ shoes. Shoes such as Doc martens, elevated trainers/sneakers or really anything that had a sole which made you about a foot taller, were all the rage, with hip hops stars, grunge gods, and baby wear beauties all wearing them.


 Personally I don’t see myself walking about in huge dungarees, with no straps, but the eccentricness and madness of 90’s is something that is definitely growing on me and I think I am definitely learning to love it! xoxo



Last night I went to see Steven Spielberg’s new film Lincoln, and it was amazing. It is such a touching story, with beautiful characters and concepts. I loved the film and would definitely go and see it again, it is such an important story that everyone should know about, because it teaches you so much about prejudice and equality.


 The movie was also filmed beautifully which made it such a spectacle to watch.

Another part of the movie which I found very beautiful, was the costume, the oufits were amazing and just so authentic to the originals.


(This is just how similar the costumes, were to the originals)

I loved this film, and I recommend to everyone to go and see it!

Zuhair Murad Couture Week❤


The Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, presented the most extraordinary spring/summer collection at Paris haute couture week. The white and gold embellished gowns were absolutely stunning and definitely made his collection a must, for all those with a love of fashion.


 The mini dresses, were also beautiful and definitely brought some diversity to the collection.


 Another stunning gown by Zuhair Murad. xx


 These dresses are all stunning, I think Zuhair Murad has got the combination of gold and white just right, without making it tacky. The models, the shoes and the hair and makeup are all stunning and it is definitely one of my favourite collections of this couture week. I love the designs and will not be surprised if you see them on the red carpet more often, especially with events such as the BAFTA’S and the Oscars coming up soon.

Zuhair Murad’s collection will definitely be going in my January Hall of Fame, so be sure to check it out next week! xoxo

Dress Down Day Decision!


I made my decision! I went with No.2! I hope you guys approve xx I absolutely love this outfit and I was glad that some of you bothered to help out and give me feed back, because I went with my heart and wore what i really wanted to!

I matched a cute denim shirt, with my favourite purply/burgandy skirt, an adorable pair of brown boots, with white socks and finished it off with my new Hollister jacket, which is just amazing!


I just thought that this wood be a great look because it is simple, but still very cute and pretty. It is like pouring rain, where I live so I definitely stood out because everyone else had jeans on, but isn’t that what fashion is all about! I mean why be a sheep when you can be a lion! ❤


My cute boots from Primark, they were only £6! What a Steal!

One of the reasons I went with this outfit was because it just goes amazingly with my new school bag! I got it at christmas and it has to be my favourite bag ever! Accessorise is like the home of all things pretty, and i just had to get one of the back packs. The navy blue material with flowers and butterflys is perfectly balanced, with the light brown leather!



The Bestest Bag in the Whole Wide World!

Dress down Day Guide- Here is just a little guide to help you get through dress down day because we all know how important it is!

1. Choose your outfit the day before! – One of the worst things you can do, on a dress down day is just throw on anything in the morning. It is the one day of the whole month, when you can show everyone in school, what kind of person you are and it will definitely decide how cool/not cool you are! (Don’t judge me, I am just speaking the truth!)

2. Coordinate With Your Bag- One of the worst things that can happen to you, is that you have put together a really awesome outfit and then just before you leave the house you realise your bag clashes with it! I mean you are going to be wearing it all day so make sure it matches!

3. It doesn’t matter what the weather is!- I know in some extreme cases it will matter what the weather is, I just meant that maybe if it is raining, you shouldn’t refrain from wearing a skirt, because if you love fashion as much as I do, looking fabulous is what matters! 😛

Again thanks for helping me make my decision and if you have any questions or hints and tips for me, make sure and leave a comment or send me an email!

Elie Saab’s Stunning Gowns


One of my favourite collections, at this years Paris Haute Couture week has to be Elie Saab. I know I say this a lot, but it just keeps on getting better by the day! xx

Elie’s collection was extremely elegant, which everyone must know by now, is the thing I look for in fashion. I just love it! The beautiful opening ivory gowns, with sparkling crystals, to the sweet pale pink and bright red dresses, were finished off with a glittery, silk bride, who epitomised femininity. The whole collection was just stunning, and I don’t know a woman or girl in the world, who wouldn’t want to own one.


 ❤This has to be one of my favourite dresses ever!❤


 The intricacy of the detail on this dress is just amazing!


 Another stunning dress by Elie Saab! xx


 I have to say the white dresses are probably my favourite because, the are just so classy and elegant, but the lace and crystals are also very pretty. There is no part of the collection, which i can really fault, but I do think that the gowns, could of been a collection on their own without the shorter midi-dresses or the bridal wear. Though I do understand, you need some different designs in your collection, it is just my personal opinion! xx


 This dress is very pretty, but I think if it had been made into a gown, it would of just had that extra WOW factor!


 (The amazing silk cloud, that was a bride)

I absolutely adore this collection, the gowns are just perfect and this will certainly be going on my January Hall of Fame! xx



Hello, my fashion forward friends. I am in a bit of a sticky stituation and I know that you guys are the best people to help me!

Tomorrow is my school’s once a month dress down day, and well i just can’t decide what to wear! I know everyone can relate, to my predicament, so maybe could you just spare a minute or two to help a girl out. xx

I have managed to deduce my many outfits down to just three and I would be ever so grateful if you could leave a comment, telling me your favourite, or many some advice on how to mix them up!

Thanks so Much!

xoxox Maya

1. Jumper- Forever 21

Jeans- Primark (I am ashamed, but you can get some good buys)

Boots- New Look

2. Shirt- H&M

Skirt- TopShop

Boots- Primark

3. Jumper- KookaÏ

T-Shirt- H&M

Boots- Levis

Necklace- Accessories