Its My First Ever Blog So Be Kind!

               Shy Girlie!


Hello people of planet earth! If you are reading this thank you very much for visiting my blog! I have been wanting one for so long, and I have finally got around to it! Its my first ever blog so be kind, but any kind of help and suggestions would be great!

I started this blog because although I may not be able to afford all the clothes I want, I love fashion, and am occasionally guilty of sharing amazing words of wisdom 😉 I thought its a about time I get out their on the Internet! So Enjoy and Make sure to visit again xxx


4 thoughts on “Its My First Ever Blog So Be Kind!

  1. Congrats on your first blog! I started my first blog many years ago now, and although it took me a while to find my feet and stick with it its been well worth it, and a lot of fun. Just remember to have fun and don’t stress if you don’t write every day. Good luck!

  2. Hey there! Congrats on starting a blog! I’m so glad more teens are starting fashion blogs. I’m a senior in high school and I have my own too (:

    If you want to, check it out!

    xo Francesca

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