Diary Drama


Am I the only one who has found it impossible to start a diary? I dunno if i am the only person who has suffered from this, but i have countless amounts of notebooks which I have tried to write a dairy in and then either forgot or vandalised it with doodles. Though I am proud to say I have finally been successful! I may only have been writing since the 27th December but I have not missed a night! 🙂 So I thought I would help all you guys out there who desperately want to start a diary but just can’t seem to (just like me). Here are 3 simple steps xx

Step 1- Do not give Up! Even if it is 12 o’clock at night and you have only just remembered get up and write, do not slack off!

Step 2- It is important to be honest. There is no point in not writing things because you don’t want anyone to read them! The whole point in having diary is being able to say anything, no matter how seemingly pointless or embarrassing, but if you are really worried about somebody reading it Write In code! xx

Step 3- Find a hiding place! If you are like me and would rather nobody read your diary find a good hiding place. Make it somewhere not so obscure that you forget where it is, just somewhere simple, that no one else would think to look!

A Little Tip- Try and decorate your diary, maybe draw some love hearts or stars to make it a bit more appealing. Also adding things like song lyrics that relate to your situation, it might make it a bit more entertaining to read in future xx


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