Little Miss Gossip


After reading the title you may be surprised with what I am going to say. When I talk about gossiping I don’t mean passing around false rumours, I mean wanting to know secrets. If you are anything like me, then it just kills you when everybody is talking about something and you just don’t know! It is probably not my best quality, but it is just what I am like. I am generally pretty good at keeping secrets, but everyone who knows me, will be able to tell you if I know something so does my bezzie, but isn’t that what friends are for. 😛 Though there is one thing I just don’t get and maybe someone will be able to explain it to me: Why would you tell some a secret, if you don’t want anyone to know? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of it? If I don’t want anyone to know something, I don’t tell! Personally I think that makes a lot more sense. If you can relate to this post like it, and if you can help me with all this drama then comment! xx

I am Confused 😛 xx


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