Sales, Sales, Sales!


If you still have any christmas money left, then the sales are only getting better. You might not get everything you want but many shops such as Jack Wills, have their final reductions just now, so if you look hard enough you can get some really good buys!

I have been scouring the web and have had picked for you what I believe to be the best sales,

No. 1- Jack Wills, I know a lot of people think that Jack Wills is quite expensive, and the sales are initially not very good, but if you go on just now, there are a lot of good quality and pretty clothes for affordable prices. xx

No. 2 – Hollister! You maybe one of these people who think hollister is for ditzy girls and guys who want to look rich, but I am neither of those, and I just love the clothes! I do not wear them to look like a walking billboard, I actually like there pieces. Though rant over, if you are a fan of hollister, the in-store and online sales are really good, though bear in mind they do charge £10 delivery, so if you like something look in-store first! xx

No.3 – Lazy Oaf! If you haven’t checked out this shop, go now! They sell some awesome, boutique like pieces, which are normally quite expensive, but in the sale they are an absolute steal! So what are you waiting for Go Now!

No. 4- ASOS! Asos has a huge sale so you are guaranteed to find something you love! It is also at great prices and they have loads of cool, brands as well as there own! xx

I hope you find something nice, and if you need any help looking you can leave a comment or email me! xx


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