The Spring Of Sixties Sci-Fi!


As I was looking through, various fashion articles, I stumbled over one about Moschino’s Sixties, Sci-Fi themed Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. At first I though it looked a bit odd, especially with the helmet, but the more I look into it, the more I love it!

Now lets be honest sixties style seems to aways pop up in modern day fashion, so its not that original, but Moschino’s Sci-fi take on it is just so interesting and unusual. I love how they have taken the iconic short double-breasted jackets with gobstopper buttons and really propelled them into the twenty first century.

Though the Sci-Fi sixties theme seemed a lot more prominent at London fashion week, than Milan’s, as Moschino, seemed to have opted for the more traditional swinging sixties look there.


I personally prefer the Sci-Fi collection, as although the iconic sixties pieces are nice they just don’t seem to have that sort of eye catching quality, which I think the 60’s Sci-fi themed pieces do. I love how Moschino managed to bring such an iconic time period into the twenty first century and make there clothes stand out above anything else. xx


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