Cup Craze


If you haven’t heard of cup playing, them my friend you must be living under a rock! Though if you really don’t know what I am on about I guess I will explain.

This new phenomenon of cup playing, was made popular by the release of the new film ‘Pitch Perfect’, which was the first place it was ever really broadcast to a large audience. From there the obsession grew and grew, and now there are thousands, if not millions of people on youtube doing covers, mashups and even original songs, using only the aid of a cup. The most common cover, which is also the one featured in the film ‘Pitch Perfect’ is ‘You’re gonna miss me when I am gone.’ by Anna Kendrick.

Myself and a friend of mine took it upon ourselves to learn how to ‘play a cup’ last night, and I have to say we are pretty Good! I am thinking of uploading a video of my cup song talents, though beware I am not the best of singers xxx

Hope you found this interesting and, I might post the video of me playing them so come back tomorrow to see!

Link to ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me When I am Gone’


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