It’s Award Season!


It’s that time of year again, when wherever we look, there is some sort of press involving dresses that are being worn this award season.

Though what really makes a good dress? Is it being current or is it being adventurous? Well designers and fashion critiques seem to be saying that trying to make a bold statement, is a bad idea this season because more than often they go terribly wrong.


“You want people to see that it’s you and make sure you are wearing the dress and not the other way around.” – Alice Temperley

The stars who I personally think are looking the most beautiful, and seem to be getting the fashion force’s approval, are those who are going for the simple but effective look. Their dresses and gowns are not boring, they are just simple a taste of class and elegance. For example the beautiful Emmy Rossum in Caroline Herrera….


 So if you are attending any special events this season, then I recommend  wearing something that is not too plain, but is also not too surprising! Dresses that are block colour but have a little bit of sparkle or decoration, seem to be the way too go! xx


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