❤Neon Baby❤


Apparently all the rage this spring/summer season is neon fashion! So if you can find some of your parents old 80’s neon dance wear whip it out and wear it. 😛

Jokes aside, neon is all in this season, so if you can go out and get yourself some of it! I would personally avoid wearing all neon because, well, you don’t want to be blinding Innocent people on the street! Maybe a bright and beautiful jacket with a little black dress would be better, or you could spice up a boring outfit with some blinding accessories! 😀

I personally love river islands new neon heels, and I am obsessed with neon skirts, so if you know you are gonna see me bring sunglasses! xx


I ❤ this Sapa Biker Jacket from Thu Thu!


 Beautifully Bright River Island Heels!


 I adore this Rainbow Tiger Skirt from Ashish! ❤


This must be the cutest bag I have ever seen!

I Hope you got some inspiration from this! Also if you decide to wear an awesome neon outfit send me a pic and I will feature it on my blog! xx


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