Chanel is in the building! I am so happy, I was uber-excited for their new collection being revealed at this years Paris Haute Couture Week, and the day has finally come! Much like Dior, they have gone for a magical, wonderland theme which was just beautiful.

 Some of the pieces were saintly, and others were very gothic covered in black silk and lace. The makeup was also very dark and exaggerated, which brought such an interesting contrast to the fairy tale like fashion. The show took place at the Grand Palais on an enchanted forest. It gave a historical vibe, which was Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration or more specifically the playwright Shakespeare’s, ‘A Mid-Summer Nights Dream.

They had the most beautiful pastel boots in every colour from lavender to ivory. They were absolutely amazing, going over the knee and were covered in the most intricate lace detail.


Chanel also previewed iconic tweed jackets, tiered evening gowns and fairy tale brides! The jackets were silver and white, with an off the shoulder cut, and had to be some of my favourite pieces of the entire collection. The beautiful tiered gowns, had a black silk underlay and layers of tulle on top, with stunning sequin detail. Finally the fairy tale brides which came at the end of the night had the most extraordinary pink and white  feather mullet skirts, they waits also had extra layers or feathers and the look was completed with some more feathers, in the form of a black broach accompanied with super tight, knee high black boots. Definitely not a look for conservative brides! 😛

Chanel brides

I absolutely love Chanel’s new collection and can’t wait to see what the rest of Couture Week has to offer!


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