The Perfect Accessory!


(I know this isn’t  the best picture to illustrate my point but I do Love it!)

Anyways If you don’t love them then you must be crazy, because hair bows are the cutest hair accessory in the world! I love them, (as if i haven’t made that clear already) but there is one problem, they are a very expensive interest! I know £3 or $6 is not that much but if you are buying like 5 bows at a time, the money really adds up! So imagine how excited i was when i found a super simple youtube video, instructing me on how to make them! It is fair to say I am obsessed now and i have made about 10 already!


These hair bows are just adorable and make any outfit, just a little bit more special. I have a cute pair of blue polka dot jeans and a white jumper, (just like the outfit in the picture 😛 ) and they go so well with them!

Be Sure to check out the DIY Bow Video-

If you want any advice or have made your own bows, be sure to email me!


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