1940’s Inspiration❤


As you may have already noticed, by the Frank Sinatra ‘Young at Heart’ music on my blog, I am feeling very 1940’s this week. I know that 40’s fashion comes back a lot but, I just have to ask why isn’t it more popular. Don’t get me wrong I adore 1960’s fashion, but their is just something about the class and elegance, with 40’s fashion that I absolutely adore, that I don’t think 60’s fashion has.

I mean can you imagine, people nowadays dressing so smart and elegant all the time. Well I can’t. Their is so much beauty and perfection in vintage fashion especially 40’s fashion, that I don’t think any other era can compete with.


The way her hair just sits perfectly on her head and how her make up makes her look like a porcelain doll, is just beautiful. In some ways, I am almost jealous of my Gran and Grandpa!

Another piece of 40’s fashion that I love is the trench coats and suits. They are both sophisticated and elegant, and are cut and shaped so that they really accentuate the ladies figures.


Don’t Worry! I haven’t forgot the men I am getting to them!


Take Frank Sinatra, never seen without the smartest suit and his signature Fedora hat. Always professional and always ready for business. I love his style and I think for men he should be an icon, because he was just so slick and handsome.


I do know that maybe not all of us can spend that much time or money trying to adapt our style to look like a 1940’s diva, so I have got a few simple steps to modernise 40’s fashion, so you can get a little bit of perfection….

1. Be conservative- One of the things that make 40’s fashion so beautiful and elegant, was that the women were still stunning and attractive, even though most of them didn’t wear skirts any higher than their ankles.

2. Aim For perfection- Wavy messy hair is not on, don’t hold back when applying hairspray and styling mousse, make sure your hair is exactly what you want. Big waves and quifs are also signature 1940’s styles. Your make up should also be very neat and tidy, make sure and have dark lips, distinctive brows, noticeable cheek bones and an exaggerated jaw line.


I hope you have been inspired, by my love of 40’s fashion, if you follow the steps or come up with an awesome 1940’s outfit, make sure to email me and I will try and feature it on my blog. xx


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