My Romper Obsession


I don’t know if I can call it a guilty pleasure, well… i suppose it is, it’s just I absolutely love rompers. I tend to buy them a lot, especially last summer, and well my collection is just growing and growing.

The fact that they can be worn for any occasion and they are still very comfortable, is just great, because lets face it, we can’t be wearing gowns or skinny jeans all the time. 😛 I have quite a few rompers as I have already mentioned, but my favourite has to be the one I got from river island’s sale last fall.


(The romper I got from river island)

It is so simple but dressy at the same time. I think it looks quite high fashion, which was great because it was only £25! I recommend anyone who does not own a romper, to go and buy one now, because they are just perfect for this spring and summer, I mean just ask Louis Vuitton! And to the romper sceptics, you must be crazy not to like them, I mean what’s not to love!

If you have any rompers, or have a question make sure to email me or leave a comment! xx


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