Elie Saab’s Stunning Gowns


One of my favourite collections, at this years Paris Haute Couture week has to be Elie Saab. I know I say this a lot, but it just keeps on getting better by the day! xx

Elie’s collection was extremely elegant, which everyone must know by now, is the thing I look for in fashion. I just love it! The beautiful opening ivory gowns, with sparkling crystals, to the sweet pale pink and bright red dresses, were finished off with a glittery, silk bride, who epitomised femininity. The whole collection was just stunning, and I don’t know a woman or girl in the world, who wouldn’t want to own one.


 ❤This has to be one of my favourite dresses ever!❤


 The intricacy of the detail on this dress is just amazing!


 Another stunning dress by Elie Saab! xx


 I have to say the white dresses are probably my favourite because, the are just so classy and elegant, but the lace and crystals are also very pretty. There is no part of the collection, which i can really fault, but I do think that the gowns, could of been a collection on their own without the shorter midi-dresses or the bridal wear. Though I do understand, you need some different designs in your collection, it is just my personal opinion! xx


 This dress is very pretty, but I think if it had been made into a gown, it would of just had that extra WOW factor!


 (The amazing silk cloud, that was a bride)

I absolutely adore this collection, the gowns are just perfect and this will certainly be going on my January Hall of Fame! xx


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