Dress Down Day Decision!


I made my decision! I went with No.2! I hope you guys approve xx I absolutely love this outfit and I was glad that some of you bothered to help out and give me feed back, because I went with my heart and wore what i really wanted to!

I matched a cute denim shirt, with my favourite purply/burgandy skirt, an adorable pair of brown boots, with white socks and finished it off with my new Hollister jacket, which is just amazing!


I just thought that this wood be a great look because it is simple, but still very cute and pretty. It is like pouring rain, where I live so I definitely stood out because everyone else had jeans on, but isn’t that what fashion is all about! I mean why be a sheep when you can be a lion! ❤


My cute boots from Primark, they were only £6! What a Steal!

One of the reasons I went with this outfit was because it just goes amazingly with my new school bag! I got it at christmas and it has to be my favourite bag ever! Accessorise is like the home of all things pretty, and i just had to get one of the back packs. The navy blue material with flowers and butterflys is perfectly balanced, with the light brown leather!



The Bestest Bag in the Whole Wide World!

Dress down Day Guide- Here is just a little guide to help you get through dress down day because we all know how important it is!

1. Choose your outfit the day before! – One of the worst things you can do, on a dress down day is just throw on anything in the morning. It is the one day of the whole month, when you can show everyone in school, what kind of person you are and it will definitely decide how cool/not cool you are! (Don’t judge me, I am just speaking the truth!)

2. Coordinate With Your Bag- One of the worst things that can happen to you, is that you have put together a really awesome outfit and then just before you leave the house you realise your bag clashes with it! I mean you are going to be wearing it all day so make sure it matches!

3. It doesn’t matter what the weather is!- I know in some extreme cases it will matter what the weather is, I just meant that maybe if it is raining, you shouldn’t refrain from wearing a skirt, because if you love fashion as much as I do, looking fabulous is what matters! 😛

Again thanks for helping me make my decision and if you have any questions or hints and tips for me, make sure and leave a comment or send me an email!


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