The 90’s: Confused or Cool


I have to admit, part of me really loves 90’s fashion, because well…it’s definitely quirky, but was it all deliberate or were there just a lot of confused teens?

There were many different trends such as as grunge, baby doll and bright and baggy! Who Knew! 😛



Grunge had that sort of ‘just rolled out of bed look’, but don’t judge some of the coolest bands of that decade like Nirvana, were grunge gods. It was all about looking dishevelled and flaunting your long, bordering on greasy locks. You didn’t have to come from seattle either- which was the home of grunge music- to rock the look, most wannabe teens just wore baggy rock tees under plaid flannel shirts.



 The schoolgirl look of babydoll dresses, with puffy sleeves and thigh high stockings became popular because of movies such as Clueless, which were all the rage in the 90’s. Another fashion trend which took its inspiration from the baby wear look was wearing slip dresses over t-shirts. I personally think the babydoll trend was super cute and sometimes wish I could get away with it nowadays, (not that I don’t try). 😛


Bright and Baggy


 Baggy and Bright colourful jeans were all the rage in the 90’s.  Hip Hop stars made it, so that the baggier that your jeans were the cooler you were. Colours such as yellow, red, green and indigo were seen on every 90’s teen. Huge overall’s were also popular, and could be worn in two ways, either with just one strap and letting the other hang, or unhooking both straps and wearing a belt to stop them falling off! This larger than life fashion, may seem a bit alien to us but it has effected a lot of our fashion today such as lazy day tee’s or boyfriend jumpers.! xx

Big Shoes


 The one thing that all these trends have in common and something that was undeniably probably the biggest fashion craze in the 90’s was ‘Chunky’ shoes. Shoes such as Doc martens, elevated trainers/sneakers or really anything that had a sole which made you about a foot taller, were all the rage, with hip hops stars, grunge gods, and baby wear beauties all wearing them.


 Personally I don’t see myself walking about in huge dungarees, with no straps, but the eccentricness and madness of 90’s is something that is definitely growing on me and I think I am definitely learning to love it! xoxo


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