80’s Brilliance


With programmes like ‘The Carrie Diaries’ coming out, neon 80’s fashion is coming back, better and bigger than ever. Unless, you have been living on the moon lately, you have probably been out shopping and realised that neon is the next big trend to hit the high streets. I am personally in love with neon skirts and am in the process of building a collection.


I am of course fully aware that I have already posted about the new fashion craze that is neon fashion, so that is why I am using this opportunity to blog about its origins…THE AMAZING 80’S!

In the 1980’s fashion was all about finding yourself and expressing your creativity. Men wore heavy makeup and had long hair while women went oh natural, with short hair. There was just no status quo!


I know some people refer to the 80’s as ‘the time that fashion forgot’ and well in some ways i do agree for example, SHELL SUITS! But in many other ways I couldn’t disagree more because all the so called ‘crimes again fashion’ like, leggings, acid was jeans, leg warmers and puffball skirts, have all made a comeback and certainly- if worn correctly- can look awesome and give any boring outfit that wow factor. I mean what is fashion, with boundaries, because like I always say….



(doesn’t the 80’s influence in this outfit just make it that much more awesome)

I personally disagree, with all the 1980’s haters, because even though there were many fashion faux pas, it was also a time where fashion, was crazy and there were no boundaries. Nowadays too many people just resort to jeans and a t-shirt,  so maybe if we could bring just a little bit of 80’s brilliance back, we could make for a more wonderful and enigmatic word!

Till Tomoz……xoxo


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