Johnny Cash


If you follow me on twitter you may already know this, but last night I heard ‘hurt’ by Johnny Cash for the first time, and well i love it! His voice is so beautiful and he sings it with such emotion and meaning. I think it may be my favourite song of all time. I know he made mistakes in his life, but when you listen to this you release he is sorry, and i think all of us can relate to it.


The lyrics are beautiful and even though I am fully aware it is actually a cover of a song by the nine-inch nails, I really believe that Johnny Cash has made it his own, and dare I say it….It is much better than the original.

‘Cash recording my song means much more to me than any industry accolades I might receive, and also having Cash say that “Hurt” reminded him of a song that he would have written during his Sixties heyday was one of the most wonderful compliments that I had ever been paid as a musician.’ – Trent Reznor 

I know it may seem a bit weird that I have never heard the song before, but to be honest I had never really been a massive Johnny Cash fan, because well I don’t really think I am of the correct generation. But after hearing ‘hurt’, I have a whole new love for him as a musician and a person.

Make sure and Listen to ‘Hurt’ if you haven’t heard it before!


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