Rachel Berry

ImageHey guys, can we just take a minute to recognize how amazing the ‘old’ Rachel’s style was, and pray that the glee stylists will bring it back. Her unique geek meets chic style is amazing in my opinion and i have definitely taken inspiration from it. The ‘new’ Rachel’s style, is just a little too grown up and to be fair just isn’t as quirky and cool!

Here is a little Rachel Berry inspired outfit I put together myself…


Since I have never seen her wearing trousers, I thought it best to mix it up and try a cute floral white lace dress, blazer and her signature knee-high socks. For my hair I just pinned her my hair back because sadly I do not have bangs, but I put in a cute bow (which I made) to complete the look.

IMG_0986I made sure I was matching, because of course, it is Rachel Berry I am taking inspiration from! Luckly my über cute blazer came with that amazing flower and polka dot lining, so with that touch of colour I paired it up with a pair of the prettiest pink pumps.

IMG_0987I hope you like my Rachel Berry inspired look as much as I do, and remember to join me in praying for her awesome style to return!

Till Tomoz My Chics……xoxo


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