20’s Inspiration


With the 1920’s being one of the most fashionable periods in history, it is obviously going to make a comeback in the fashion! The only difference is that its back this year and bigger than ever! Many designers have featured fringe, drop waists, fringe dresses with feathers, beading and shell tops.


Gucci Spring 2013

But what made the 20’s so fabulous. Personally i think it was the fact that everything revolved around elegance. Clothes weren’t made to accentuate your curves, it was all about being loose, because at that time having a slender and flat chested silhouette was considered beautiful. Most dresses and skirts in the late 20’s rested just above the knee and/or the ankle. Accessories and your clothes were made to match, I mean that in the most literal sense! Short necklaces were worn with short dresses and vice versa with long dresses! Dresses also tended not to have waist lines and they prefered them to hang.


Another thing I love about the 20’s is that, because most dresses were made at home, everything was original. No girl would have the same dinner dress as her neighbour, EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO UNIQUE, and I love that! Imagine knowing that all your clothes were one off’s and that no matter who you met no one would share your wardrobe! xoxo


Arguably the biggest fashion trend in the 20’s was the Cloche hat. It was invented by Caroline Reboux in 1908, but the design never really became popular until the 1920’s. These hats became so popular that they were shaping hairstyles. Styles such as the Eton Crop, which was short and slicked down, became popular simply because it showcased the hats shape. They were worn with almost every outfit and i think that if you tried to find a fashion photo from the 20’s that didn’t include someone wearing one, you would have a difficult job at hand. If you hadn’t noticed, cloche hats seemed to be very popular last year and were seen all over the high street! I personally loved them!


 One of the main 1920’s inspirations, this year is bridal wear. It seems that everyone is bringing out beautiful white 20’s inspired gowns, which everyone woman and girl on the planet seems to be falling in love with. Personally I think that because normal twenties fashion was so elegant, that the bridal wear is just at another level and it is beautiful. The sequin detail, with the stunning material and accessories, is just heaven for an elegance lover like me!


Don’t get me wrong i know that twenties fashion isn’s the easiest and definitely not a very practical style to be walking about town in. But do not fear, i have written a little guide to help you add a little 20’s spice to what ever you are wearing…

Freedom- The 20’s was a time where women were no longer oppressed, so it saw a new wave of fashion that allowed moment, for example pleated skirts and silk. Also lower neck lines and shorter skirts became apparent. Though be aware things like mini-dresses/skirts didn’t come around till the 60’s so stay long and classy.

Masculinity- Women started wearing there hair short and waistlines and corsets disappeared as ladies became more empowered and confident.


 Coco Chanel who was inevitably the woman of the age,  was one of the first designers to include things like trousers in her designs, and one of the first women to cut her hair short and throw away corsets. Elegance, luxury and simplicity were a trademark of her style and in her own way, she helped greatly in the freedom of female fashion.

‘A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.’

‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.’

-Coco Chanel


I hope you guys found this post interesting, and I know i didn’t do anything about men’s fashion in the twenties, but I just feel that it was more a time of female power. I also personally love 1920’s fashion, because I think the elegance and beauty in it was just stunning and like I said about 1940’s fashion I just find it hard to imagine people looking so perfect. Fashion just seemed so important back then and I definitely agree that is was one of the most if not the, most fashionable decade in history. xoxo

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’ – Coco Chanel


5 thoughts on “20’s Inspiration

  1. Love this! Check out Five Tapes by Madame Coquette- its crazy but soooo relevent to this whole 20s trend!

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