Cara Delevigne…❤


Can we all just take a second to appreciate the amazingness of Cara delevigne! I am literally obsessed with her at the moment. She is just so unique  and yes of course a part of me wishes I was her. She got 38 shows last season and is the face of burberry, DKNY, chanel, and many more. Cara was also voted Vogue’s ‘star face’ of Autum/Winter 2012-13. xoxo


As well as being like the best model in the world, she also has the best style. Despite having a job where she is required to be very girlie and feminine a lot of the time, she manages to stay the tomboy she has always been, with a cool sort of punk rock style.


I admire her in the sense that she is still so young but has worked extremely hard and is already at the top of her game. Everyone she meets, seems to love her bubbly and fun personality and also seem to be astonished that she is just not arrogant at all.


I would personally love the opportunity to be a model, and i think that the versatility of her face is amazing. It just seems elastic, for example, sometimes her powerful dark eyebrows can make her look fierce and sultry, then the next second she looks soft and beautiful.


As you may have already noticed, I am kinda obsessing over Cara Delevigne at the moment (but not in a weird way 😛 ), she has became a sort of idol of mine. She is an amazing model, so I recommend you check out this months issue of Vogue Uk, because she has a huge spread, that will help you get to know her better.

The reasons I think Cara stands out so much is because she is unique looking. Writing this post has made me realise that I need to listen to my own advice sometimes and stop obsessing over trying to be her and just except who I am. Because who knows what will happen in the future…xoxo


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