Marc by Marc Jacobs


We are going to have to wait till Thursday to see Marc Jacobs main collection due to him having to postpone it again, because of late fabric and accessories. But do not fear he has still decided to show his new, ‘younger-skewing’ collection, so we are not completely empty handed.

This Fall collection definitely had a 70’s theme, with big prints and big hair. There were silk mini dresses bold prints, plus lots and lots of plaid.


Cara was put in a beautifully colourful blue printed jumpsuit, which featured small cap sleeves and a fun red and yellow design. It was paired with black pumps, which was meant to reflect the wear ability of the collection.

As well as the highly shiny and highly glamorous red dresses, there was also a more casual, day to day aspect in the collection. A ‘sophisticated, working girl’ look, with blouses, high neck jumpers, wide legged trousers and high waisted skirts.


The colour palette main consisted of blue, red, orange, grey and brown, which really added to the 70’s feel.

I personally think that this was definitely a more wearable collection as nothing was too unusual or extravagant, but whether it is ‘affordable’ will be another story. I did like the 70’s feel because well, I love most things vintage, but I know that Marc Jacobs did have a 70’s inspired collection back in 2011, so maybe that suggests he has to shake it up a bit and go….1920’s. How amazing would that be! Anyway that is just my opinion, and sorry I haven’t been blogging more about fashion week, it is just I am having a major craft week (my school is off) so I have been very busy.

Galaxy Vans…xoxo


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