Tie Dye….❤

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Since its valentines day and I obviously have nowhere to be, I thought I would introduce you guys to a new craze of mine…Tie Dye! I absolutely love anything that adores this pattern/effect (I ain’t sure which one it is). The only downside is that anything that features it is real expensive. But do not worry because it actually turns out that tie dye is really easy to create. So currently, as you read and I write, my experimental Tie Dye tee is drying out!


The beauty of tie dye is that it comes in loads of different styles. The most common tends to be swirls, but personally I prefer a more stripy or marbled effect.  You get it on tees, crops, jeans, quilts and basically anything made of fabric. To be honest my parents were big lovers of tie dye, before I even got interested. Maybe it was a form of rebellion not wanting to be like it, I really don’t know. But at least now I have seen the error of my ways and have learned to love it!


 Forget Steampunk, tie dye is the new fashion craze. Shops such as asos, cow vintage, Topshop, River Island and Dorothy Perkins, all have huge tie dye collections. I have been browsing through them recently and if you are not willing to make it but still want, them I would recommend ASOS and Cow Vintage because their designs are just far brighter and bolder, making them a bit more appropriate for spring.


So to summarise, I think that tie dye is absolutely amazing and that it is the perfect look for spring. To all the haters…..You must be total fashion delinquents! 😛

Though remember when wearing tie dye less is more. Try and go for tops that are more subtle but quite colourful at the same time. I would personally recommend wearing some sort of tie dye that has white included in it and would definitely avoid anything with too many colours

Image(this is what I mean)

So I hope you guys have learned to love tie dye and have a great valentines day. I am personally not a fan of the day, for the simple reason that I believe it is basically a scam worked up by the card companies, which just makes things really akward, and or for some people depressing. But to be honest the whole admirers thing doesn’t really bother me! That’s just my opinion though, have an awesome day! xoxo

Also tomorrow I think I will be showing you guys my crafty fashion creations which have occupied me all this week. So be sure to come back and check them out!


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