I Need a Little Help From My Friends….❤

I am sincerely disappointed if you did not get the song reference. 😛


Hello all you amazing people. You may have noticed I am being nicer than normal at the moment and I am not gonna lie, that is for one specific reason. I kinda need your help. Seriously all I ask if for 20 seconds of your life and then you will be my best friend and I will love you for all eternity. Is that not a tempting offer!

I have entered this asos Fashion Finder Competition and it took me ages to create that collage, so I would be ever so grateful if you would be kind enough to click the link below and then press the love heart, (under it on the right hand corner to be exact).

If you do be sure to leave a comment and I am happy to give any of you beautiful people a instagram, twitter or blog shoutout!


^Please Click it Pretty Please With a Cherry On Top!^

P.S I think you may have to register with asos fashion finder to vote, but I am sure all you fashionistas already have an account.



My New Love….❤

Let me introduce you to my new obsession/Dream Bezzie, P’Trique!


I am probably a bit of a late comer when it comes to P’Trique, but never the less I have discovered what was missing in my life! 😛 OMG this…lady must be the coolest, funniest and most beautiful fashionista out there. I mean you guys think you’re original, well I don’t see your beard and bangs! Bö Ja!


P’trique is just hysterical, I wish there was some sort of online fashion week commentary done by her! Seriously I would never leave my house. The world of fashion is very professional so P’trique being her funny, fun loving self is just a breath of fresh air. Seriously I would pay could money to sit next to her at a fashion show.


If you have not checked out this fashionista then I must insist you go now! Go On….What are you waiting for!

P’Trique C’est Chic

My Spring Must Haves!

Photo on 10-03-2013 at 20.46 #2

Hey Guys sorry again for being such a slacker but clubs and homework have once caught up with me, so I haven’t blogged about anything interesting for donkey’s years….

I have made an effort to do some shopzin though and after seeing what’s in the shops I thought I would share with you some of my favourite styles and must haves.

xoxo 🙂


Favourite Number One! TIE DYE

You probably already know but I am absolutely loving Tie Dye at the moment and I think with all the bright and bold patterns it is perfect for spring. All the major high street shops like asos, topshop, river island, Urban outfitters and H&M have it, but if you want to be extra awesome  I recommend making your own. it is half the price, great fun and you get major bragging rights! 😛

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 21.29.27

House of Holland Tie Dye TEE @ Asos

Favourite Number Two! Cropped Tees

I dunno why but I am absolutely obsessed with cropped tees at the moment. They seem to be great for everything, school, shopping or just lazing around. I love them especially those in Topshop if you guys don’t own one you have to go out and buy one they are awesome! xoxo

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 21.38.57Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 21.38.39

Favourite Number Three! Oversize!

Another thing I am loving this spring and is probably a huge contradiction to what I just said, is oversized tops. I am loving oversized tops and shirts. They look awesome with leggings and are really comfy!

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 21.44.06

Favourites Four and Five! Platforms and Backpacks

PLATFORMS: Platform trainers have always been a love of mine but I dunno this spring I just seem to be loving them even more. I have like 5 pairs now and am wearing them constantly. Not only do they make me taller (which is always a bonus) they are just so coo, comfy and go with more or less anything. 🙂

Warning: If you but one pair you will have to but another! 😛

Photo on 12-02-2013 at 18.27

BACKPACKS: I don’t just mean any kind of backpacks, I mean the cutest kind. Sadly and probably quite stupidly I don’t know there name but you guys will know once you see a pic. They are just so cute and I have one as my school bag. They are perfect for everything and I just have no words to describe my Love!


Despite living in a place where even though it is spring it is SNOWING I am still loving spring fashion and allthough it is impossible to wear a t-shirt outside without dying of hypothermia, I will make an effort!

What a strange thing! to be alive beneath cherry blossoms. -Kobayashi Issa

London Fashion Week- PPQ Love


Before I start this post I would like to just say a big sorry to everyone. Things have been so hectic this week, because I am back at school after half term, so my rountine is just all over the place. Please accept my apology and I hope you can relate! xoxo

P.S Thanks to everyone who visits, please follow, so close to a 100 followers!


I have  been missing everything this wee but I have managed to check up on London Fashion Week and I am loving PPQ’s new collection. Some people may be a bit sceptical about the fact that they ditched the old dark and dreary colours associated with Autumn and Winter, and used a brighter summer palette really but it really appealed to me!


They had everything from black bodices to sweeping layered dresses, in all colours from zesty orange to bubblegum pink, as well as lime greens and beautiful yellows. The colour pop  coats and flirty skirts made it the liveliest and in my opinion the best collection for this Autum/Winter.

Keep Calm and Love PPQ! xoxo

My DIY Fashion!


Hey Guys, if you have read any of my posts this week, then you may be aware that I have been crafting like all day, everyday. On Monday I bought my supplies and today I have finally completed everything. I hope you guys like what I have done and maybe this will inspire you guys to have fun with your clothes!


My first project was renovating my vans. I got my first ever pair of vans like a year ago and I wore them more or less everyday, so they got pretty trashed. I had seen ‘galaxy vans’ in shops and I loved them, so when I realised that you could do it yourself I had to give it a try.

To get this effect you will need about 4 different shades of acryliic paint, (I am pretty sure you can’t use any other type), preferably in the colours navy blue, purple, white and pink or baby blue. Sponges are a must and it really helps if you have something which you can copy. Oh yeah I almost forgot, you also need a tooth brush to splatter the pain to give a ‘starry’ effect.

If you really want to give this a try then I recommend going on youtube and watching some tutorials because they really help.


DIY No.2- Ombre Shorts. These have to be one of my favourite creations, because I have wanted ombre (dip dye) shorts for so long. I made them out of a pair of old, pretty long summer shorts which I never really wore. They turned out really cool and I cannot wait to wear them this spring/summer.

If you are wanting to get this effect on just normal denim shorts them you have to bleach them first, so that they can absorb the dye better. It doesn’t take that long to bleach them, but if you really can’t be bothered then you should use a pair that are light, preferably cream, white, or a light wash denim. Also do not use expensive shorts when doing this because even though it is very easy you do not want to make a mistake and end up ruining them.

When creating ombre shorts you will need, two FABRIC dyes, (I used dylon, Bahama blue & Flamingo pink), two containers/buckets, gloves and a spoon. Also make sure you do it on a protected surface. 🙂Image

Now when you are dying shorts or generally using fabric dye you will probably have a lot left over, so I recommend dying other stuff to avoid waste. I decided to tie dye a cheap t-shirt I bought from Primark (£2.50 OH YEAH) and it turned out so cool. I have actually worn it once and I love it.

I used the same dye as my shorts and a knotting technique to achieve this effect. You will need rubber bands, squirty bottles, a plastic bag and a very helpful youtube video.


The last thing I did was a bit spontaneous because I hadn’t really planned it, but I am glad i tried it because it has made my platforms look so much cooler. I has seen a pair of ‘speckled’ vans and so I thought I would give it a try. Though putting all those tiny dots is a lot of hard work so I ended up just putting them on the heel and toe, but I still think it looks awesome and adds a pop of colour to an admittedly quite boring pair of shoes.

To do this I didn’t use anything fancy just the end of a paint brush. You again have to use either acryllic or fabric paint, because they are they only which will not wash off. You will also have to be patient and have a lot of concentration, because it can get a bit tedious at times.

I hope you guys like my designs and if you want any advice or help, then be sure to leave a comment or email me. Now remember you don’t have to do what I did and just attempt all these at once. It is perfectly fine if you just want to attempt the one because it is quite time consuming. I would recommend doing these when you are on holiday because, it is not worth the time if you skimp or rush the process.

Have fun with your fashion! xoxo

Tie Dye….❤

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.49.50

Since its valentines day and I obviously have nowhere to be, I thought I would introduce you guys to a new craze of mine…Tie Dye! I absolutely love anything that adores this pattern/effect (I ain’t sure which one it is). The only downside is that anything that features it is real expensive. But do not worry because it actually turns out that tie dye is really easy to create. So currently, as you read and I write, my experimental Tie Dye tee is drying out!


The beauty of tie dye is that it comes in loads of different styles. The most common tends to be swirls, but personally I prefer a more stripy or marbled effect.  You get it on tees, crops, jeans, quilts and basically anything made of fabric. To be honest my parents were big lovers of tie dye, before I even got interested. Maybe it was a form of rebellion not wanting to be like it, I really don’t know. But at least now I have seen the error of my ways and have learned to love it!


 Forget Steampunk, tie dye is the new fashion craze. Shops such as asos, cow vintage, Topshop, River Island and Dorothy Perkins, all have huge tie dye collections. I have been browsing through them recently and if you are not willing to make it but still want, them I would recommend ASOS and Cow Vintage because their designs are just far brighter and bolder, making them a bit more appropriate for spring.


So to summarise, I think that tie dye is absolutely amazing and that it is the perfect look for spring. To all the haters…..You must be total fashion delinquents! 😛

Though remember when wearing tie dye less is more. Try and go for tops that are more subtle but quite colourful at the same time. I would personally recommend wearing some sort of tie dye that has white included in it and would definitely avoid anything with too many colours

Image(this is what I mean)

So I hope you guys have learned to love tie dye and have a great valentines day. I am personally not a fan of the day, for the simple reason that I believe it is basically a scam worked up by the card companies, which just makes things really akward, and or for some people depressing. But to be honest the whole admirers thing doesn’t really bother me! That’s just my opinion though, have an awesome day! xoxo

Also tomorrow I think I will be showing you guys my crafty fashion creations which have occupied me all this week. So be sure to come back and check them out!

Marc by Marc Jacobs


We are going to have to wait till Thursday to see Marc Jacobs main collection due to him having to postpone it again, because of late fabric and accessories. But do not fear he has still decided to show his new, ‘younger-skewing’ collection, so we are not completely empty handed.

This Fall collection definitely had a 70’s theme, with big prints and big hair. There were silk mini dresses bold prints, plus lots and lots of plaid.


Cara was put in a beautifully colourful blue printed jumpsuit, which featured small cap sleeves and a fun red and yellow design. It was paired with black pumps, which was meant to reflect the wear ability of the collection.

As well as the highly shiny and highly glamorous red dresses, there was also a more casual, day to day aspect in the collection. A ‘sophisticated, working girl’ look, with blouses, high neck jumpers, wide legged trousers and high waisted skirts.


The colour palette main consisted of blue, red, orange, grey and brown, which really added to the 70’s feel.

I personally think that this was definitely a more wearable collection as nothing was too unusual or extravagant, but whether it is ‘affordable’ will be another story. I did like the 70’s feel because well, I love most things vintage, but I know that Marc Jacobs did have a 70’s inspired collection back in 2011, so maybe that suggests he has to shake it up a bit and go….1920’s. How amazing would that be! Anyway that is just my opinion, and sorry I haven’t been blogging more about fashion week, it is just I am having a major craft week (my school is off) so I have been very busy.

Galaxy Vans…xoxo

Cara Delevigne…❤


Can we all just take a second to appreciate the amazingness of Cara delevigne! I am literally obsessed with her at the moment. She is just so unique  and yes of course a part of me wishes I was her. She got 38 shows last season and is the face of burberry, DKNY, chanel, and many more. Cara was also voted Vogue’s ‘star face’ of Autum/Winter 2012-13. xoxo


As well as being like the best model in the world, she also has the best style. Despite having a job where she is required to be very girlie and feminine a lot of the time, she manages to stay the tomboy she has always been, with a cool sort of punk rock style.


I admire her in the sense that she is still so young but has worked extremely hard and is already at the top of her game. Everyone she meets, seems to love her bubbly and fun personality and also seem to be astonished that she is just not arrogant at all.


I would personally love the opportunity to be a model, and i think that the versatility of her face is amazing. It just seems elastic, for example, sometimes her powerful dark eyebrows can make her look fierce and sultry, then the next second she looks soft and beautiful.


As you may have already noticed, I am kinda obsessing over Cara Delevigne at the moment (but not in a weird way 😛 ), she has became a sort of idol of mine. She is an amazing model, so I recommend you check out this months issue of Vogue Uk, because she has a huge spread, that will help you get to know her better.

The reasons I think Cara stands out so much is because she is unique looking. Writing this post has made me realise that I need to listen to my own advice sometimes and stop obsessing over trying to be her and just except who I am. Because who knows what will happen in the future…xoxo

NY Fashion Week


Despite the weather New York Fashion Week has begun. There has been some mishaps, for example Micheal Kors turned up in UGGS!, and Marc Jacobs has postponed his show. But life goes on and so has Jason Wu and Carmen Marc Valvo.

ImageJason Wu claims he wanted ‘to bring woman back to the runway’ and this was definitely reflected in his designs. Power dressing was a key feature in his Fall 2013 collection, with black twill and velvet coats, which were detailed with over-sized fur pockets, and peplum. Many beautiful but edgy designs were seen, everything from a strapless snake skin dress to a sheer black lace rain slicker & trench coat. Short coat dresses with exaggerated shoulders and gowns worn with black cigarette trousers were also popular designs featured in Wu’s new Fall 2013 collection. Personally I think it is very sophisticated and classy. It would be a great fashion influence for someone a bit older than me though, because well I ain’t a woman yet! xoxo


“I was thinking long, lean, moody and dark,”: “Edgar Allan Poe. Creatures of the night. With a little rock ‘n’ roll, too.”- Carmen Marc Valvo

This collection featured some stunning gowns in merlot, ivory and grape, but the majority were in black. He claims that making his pieces in black lets him focus on the ‘structure and detailing, so [he] can make sure each design is different’. A  beautiful black embroidered trench with patent leather squares opened the show, which was then followed by some more glamorous cocktail dresses, lace gowns, leather cut outs and then probably the biggest hit of the night, a gorgeous black embroidered gown with sheer long sleeves, and a bodice, with leather either side of the waist. I personally loved the glamour and detail in this collection, and I hope that there is some sort of sophistication theme running this week, because I am loving it!


These are just some of my favourites from the past couple of days , at NY Fashion week, but there are some other great collections that I recommend you go check out. I absolutely love fashion weeks and I am really looking forward to Marc Jacob and Zac Posen’s new collections, so be sure to come back and read all about them!

Vintage Valentines


After blogging about 20’s fashion yesterday I feel inspired, and because it is that time of year again, I thought may take a look at some vintage valentines day outfits, and write a wee bit about them….xoxo



I know I was blogging about the 20’s yesterday but here is just a little bit of advice on how to give your valentines day a twenties twist! You could wear a beautiful pale pink pleated skirt, or a sequin dusty flapper dress out to dinner. Then accessories your 20’s inspired outfit with a beautiful clutch and/or a cloche hat. I mean why not go 20’s the whole period was about romance and elegance.


Pleated Skirt @ TopShop


Pink Flapper Dress @ Frock and Frill


White Feather Bag/Clutch @ Olga Berg



Wear a beautiful 1940’s inspired dress, or a look like Marilyn Munroe this valentines day. The 40’s and 50’s were the age when femininity was re-intoduced to fashion, and when women were back wearing dresses with fitted waists. It was also when they got rid of loose fitting clothes and replaced them with pieces that really accentuated their figures. So if you want to look both beautiful and unique this valentines day, go for a 40’s/50’s inspired look and flaunt your femininity. xoxo


Red Polka Dot 1940’s Inspired Dress @ Mod Cloth


 Marilyn Munroe Inspired Dress @ Mod Cloth



 The 1960’s was when mini skirts, false eyelashes and go go boots all became popular, so if you want to look funky this valentines then it is the decade for you. The 60’s was obviously one of my favourite periods for history, so to be honest I think a 60’s inspired outfit or dress would just be perfect. If you a teen or young adult then a mini dress or skirt may be more appropriate, because that’s who the fashion was designed for in the first place. So if you are inspired by the 60’s then I recommend paring a cute red mini dress with a pair of wedges/platforms and and a cute black jacket.


Sister Jane Geo Embroidered Shift Dress @ ASOS


Humble Platforms @ ASOS


Faux Fur Jacket @ ASOS



 Want to be bold and beautiful this valentines day, well an 80’s inspired outfit is for you! Everything from perms to shoulder pads were in style, so to be honest there aren’t really any boundaries. Untidy hair, bralets and spandex mini skirts were also very popular, so if you are going to a party or maybe out clubbing this February 14th the the 80’s are for you You could go for a beautiful red bodycon dress with a blazer (with shoulder pads) and a pair of matching red heels. P.S Don’t forget to curl your hair! 😛

ImagePoloneck Bodycon Dress @ ASOS


 Power Shoulders Blazer @ ASOS


Whistles Slammer Burgandy Sandals @ ASOS


I hope you found this Vintage Valentines day post interesting and even though I won’t be going out on Valentines day I may just go in my wardrobe and try and find an awesome vintage outfit. Personally I like the 60’s inspiration the most…but well thats just me! xoxo

Have a Great Day When It Comes❤