My New Love….❤

Let me introduce you to my new obsession/Dream Bezzie, P’Trique!


I am probably a bit of a late comer when it comes to P’Trique, but never the less I have discovered what was missing in my life! 😛 OMG this…lady must be the coolest, funniest and most beautiful fashionista out there. I mean you guys think you’re original, well I don’t see your beard and bangs! Bö Ja!


P’trique is just hysterical, I wish there was some sort of online fashion week commentary done by her! Seriously I would never leave my house. The world of fashion is very professional so P’trique being her funny, fun loving self is just a breath of fresh air. Seriously I would pay could money to sit next to her at a fashion show.


If you have not checked out this fashionista then I must insist you go now! Go On….What are you waiting for!

P’Trique C’est Chic


And they call me a poser…..


Hey if you guys hadn’t already noticed, I am kinda a serial poser. It isn’t really anything to be ashamed of because seriously, who wants to look bad in a pic! But instagram is like a huge part  of my day to day life, so I thought if I am gonna have a blog then all my lovelie readers might want to know something about me, (right this is awkward if you don’t *awkward balloon*), so here is a me! Enjoy my Posing! xoxo




I am awake btw!…..:P


A little crazy, can be a good thing….


 Who cares if it is snowing….:P

I hope you found this funny, and make sure to follow me on Instagram! I promise more zoolander goodness!

A Dummies View On Braids

ImageIf you are like me, and you love braids but, find them impossible, then you will like this little rant. Because well… there might just be some advice at the end.

I mean how can you keep up with them all there are fish tails, waterfalls, dutch braids, double braids, french braids, Grecian braids and many more. All I can do is a normal plait, (thats what we call braids here in the uk) and a very wonky french braid. Help Me!


Everyone seems to be rocking braids at the moment even tiny wee ones, but I just can’t seem to pull them off. I do actually want to learn how to braid better, I mean this post isn’t just a big rant, but most of my friends and family are pretty useless and well, I do have one auntie who is a hairdresser but she lives really far away. 😦 I know I am so deprived….


More than anything I would LOVE to learn how to do a waterfall braid, so if anyone can help me please leave a comment below! I am coming to you my friends as a last resort! 😛

Braids are so, cute and even though like everything else they can be a bit OTT sometimes, they do really make you look that much more awesome! if you love/hate them as much as me, (it’s a complicated relationship we have) then make sure to get back to mwa, and share your inspiration, ideas or just plain rants!

You Know you Want To!

80’s Brilliance


With programmes like ‘The Carrie Diaries’ coming out, neon 80’s fashion is coming back, better and bigger than ever. Unless, you have been living on the moon lately, you have probably been out shopping and realised that neon is the next big trend to hit the high streets. I am personally in love with neon skirts and am in the process of building a collection.


I am of course fully aware that I have already posted about the new fashion craze that is neon fashion, so that is why I am using this opportunity to blog about its origins…THE AMAZING 80’S!

In the 1980’s fashion was all about finding yourself and expressing your creativity. Men wore heavy makeup and had long hair while women went oh natural, with short hair. There was just no status quo!


I know some people refer to the 80’s as ‘the time that fashion forgot’ and well in some ways i do agree for example, SHELL SUITS! But in many other ways I couldn’t disagree more because all the so called ‘crimes again fashion’ like, leggings, acid was jeans, leg warmers and puffball skirts, have all made a comeback and certainly- if worn correctly- can look awesome and give any boring outfit that wow factor. I mean what is fashion, with boundaries, because like I always say….



(doesn’t the 80’s influence in this outfit just make it that much more awesome)

I personally disagree, with all the 1980’s haters, because even though there were many fashion faux pas, it was also a time where fashion, was crazy and there were no boundaries. Nowadays too many people just resort to jeans and a t-shirt,  so maybe if we could bring just a little bit of 80’s brilliance back, we could make for a more wonderful and enigmatic word!

Till Tomoz……xoxo

The 90’s: Confused or Cool


I have to admit, part of me really loves 90’s fashion, because well…it’s definitely quirky, but was it all deliberate or were there just a lot of confused teens?

There were many different trends such as as grunge, baby doll and bright and baggy! Who Knew! 😛



Grunge had that sort of ‘just rolled out of bed look’, but don’t judge some of the coolest bands of that decade like Nirvana, were grunge gods. It was all about looking dishevelled and flaunting your long, bordering on greasy locks. You didn’t have to come from seattle either- which was the home of grunge music- to rock the look, most wannabe teens just wore baggy rock tees under plaid flannel shirts.



 The schoolgirl look of babydoll dresses, with puffy sleeves and thigh high stockings became popular because of movies such as Clueless, which were all the rage in the 90’s. Another fashion trend which took its inspiration from the baby wear look was wearing slip dresses over t-shirts. I personally think the babydoll trend was super cute and sometimes wish I could get away with it nowadays, (not that I don’t try). 😛


Bright and Baggy


 Baggy and Bright colourful jeans were all the rage in the 90’s.  Hip Hop stars made it, so that the baggier that your jeans were the cooler you were. Colours such as yellow, red, green and indigo were seen on every 90’s teen. Huge overall’s were also popular, and could be worn in two ways, either with just one strap and letting the other hang, or unhooking both straps and wearing a belt to stop them falling off! This larger than life fashion, may seem a bit alien to us but it has effected a lot of our fashion today such as lazy day tee’s or boyfriend jumpers.! xx

Big Shoes


 The one thing that all these trends have in common and something that was undeniably probably the biggest fashion craze in the 90’s was ‘Chunky’ shoes. Shoes such as Doc martens, elevated trainers/sneakers or really anything that had a sole which made you about a foot taller, were all the rage, with hip hops stars, grunge gods, and baby wear beauties all wearing them.


 Personally I don’t see myself walking about in huge dungarees, with no straps, but the eccentricness and madness of 90’s is something that is definitely growing on me and I think I am definitely learning to love it! xoxo



Hello, my fashion forward friends. I am in a bit of a sticky stituation and I know that you guys are the best people to help me!

Tomorrow is my school’s once a month dress down day, and well i just can’t decide what to wear! I know everyone can relate, to my predicament, so maybe could you just spare a minute or two to help a girl out. xx

I have managed to deduce my many outfits down to just three and I would be ever so grateful if you could leave a comment, telling me your favourite, or many some advice on how to mix them up!

Thanks so Much!

xoxox Maya

1. Jumper- Forever 21

Jeans- Primark (I am ashamed, but you can get some good buys)

Boots- New Look

2. Shirt- H&M

Skirt- TopShop

Boots- Primark

3. Jumper- KookaÏ

T-Shirt- H&M

Boots- Levis

Necklace- Accessories



To be quite honest I am still on the edge about Steampunk, which is unlucky for me because apparently it is meant to be the next big thing to hit the high street.  For all of you who do not know what steampunk is, it is basically a retro-futuristic blend of Victoriana and sci-fi style. I know Strange…..

It is currently a niche style, but apparently it is expected to make a huge leap into the high street. I don’t see myself wearing it personally, but it is becoming more and more popular everyday, so maybe it will grow on me.

I think it looks like the sort of thing you would see in a vintage sci-fi comic, but you know fashion can be crazy sometimes. Topshop and Asos have also joined in the trend, with gothic velvet and lace bralets along with floor-length pleated skirts in oxblood, and  double-breasted coats.

It has thought to of been made popular with the general public after films such as Sherlock Holmes and Van Helsing. Also Lady Gaga and Rhianna have been spotted embracing this new style.


I still have not made my mind up about Steampunk, and to be quite honest I don’t see enough people having the confidence to dress like that, but for any of you who do want to become a steam punker here is a short guide on how to get the look….

Headgear- Toppers, bowlers and veils.

Coats- Military trenches and greatcoats.

Jackets- Double-breasted, pin-stripe suits with waistcoats.

Shirts- Girls- the chiffon blouse- Boys collarless

Underwear- Bralets, corsets and petticoats.

Dresses- Velvet and lace

Trousers- Suit or jeans to make it look more casual.

Shoes- Spats or platformed boots.

Accessories Goggles are a must have, as wells as brooches and pocket watches.

Good Luck in releasing your in nor Steampunk!


❤1D Love to Ski!❤


If you haven’t seen one directions new video, ‘kiss you’ then I recommend you check it out now! For all of you people who have not seen it, it’s basically a collection of spoofs on old music videos such as Elvis Presley’s Jail House Rock.

 The coolest part of the video has to be when they  are ‘skiing’! There outfits are just so retro, I love them! The boys beautifully bright  jumpers, and harry’s awesome dungarees are just amazing! Definitely the best choice their stylist ever made! 😛

Even if you don’t agree with me, no one can deny this is the best video they have ever made! Plus the song is great! xx

Check out Kiss You here-

Berlin Fashion Week!


It’s day three of Berlin fashion week, and designers continue to show their beautiful and bizarre creations. It is proving to be one of the weirdest weeks in fashion history with designers such as Hien Le, Patrick Mohr, Lena Hoschek, Sissi Goetze and Anja Gockel giving us more than enough to gasp and gossip about. x

There have been daring dresses, tattooed necks and bare bottoms! So here are some of my favourite pieces, and a couple that made me a speechless!

ImageI ❤ this Lena Hoschek piece it is so innoccent but edgy at the same time!


Well… this is definitely different but is it fashion?…..

Hope you found this interesting, I will probably be blogging some more about BFW so come back again! xx

Strange but True!


❤Here are some hysterical but true facts that I hope make you go LOL……

A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans,

The yo-yo was originally a weapon used in the Philippine jungles,

Almonds are members of the peach family,

 An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain,

A pregnant goldfish is called a twit,

Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy,

If you whip your head back and forth, you will loose 24 brain cells (poor willow smith 😛 ),

More people are killed annually by donkeys than air crashes,

Before the eraser bread was used to remove pencil marks,

Having Blue eyes is actually a mutation as before that all humans has brown eyes,

In Alaska it is illegal to look at a moose from a flying vehicle,

Orange juice is yellow not orange,

In outer space there exists a giant cloud of alcohol that could be used to produce 4 trillion trillion pints of beer,

If you have a ‘crush’ for longer than 4 months physiologists would consider you to be ‘in love.’,

Hope you thought this was funny! xx