Songs I am Loving at the Moment: Cute and Quirky


Here are some cute and quirky songs I am absolutely loving right now….

Love, Save the Empty- Erin McCarley

The Art Of Succinct Compliments- Summertimes End

Father and Daughter- Paul Simon

Snails- The Format

Pony- Erin McCarley

I Would- Justin Bieber

Little Bribes- Death Cab for Cutie

No Scrubs- Glee

Nothing Like Us- Justin Bieber

Kiss You- One Direction

Stay Young, Go Dancing- Death Cab For Cutie

Bubbly- Colbie Caillat

Who Says- Selena Gomez

You are a Tourist- Death Cab for Cutie

Make sure and check out some of these, I especially recommend Little Bribes, because as well as it being a great song it also had the coolest stop motion animation video!

Happy Listening…xoxo


Johnny Cash


If you follow me on twitter you may already know this, but last night I heard ‘hurt’ by Johnny Cash for the first time, and well i love it! His voice is so beautiful and he sings it with such emotion and meaning. I think it may be my favourite song of all time. I know he made mistakes in his life, but when you listen to this you release he is sorry, and i think all of us can relate to it.


The lyrics are beautiful and even though I am fully aware it is actually a cover of a song by the nine-inch nails, I really believe that Johnny Cash has made it his own, and dare I say it….It is much better than the original.

‘Cash recording my song means much more to me than any industry accolades I might receive, and also having Cash say that “Hurt” reminded him of a song that he would have written during his Sixties heyday was one of the most wonderful compliments that I had ever been paid as a musician.’ – Trent Reznor 

I know it may seem a bit weird that I have never heard the song before, but to be honest I had never really been a massive Johnny Cash fan, because well I don’t really think I am of the correct generation. But after hearing ‘hurt’, I have a whole new love for him as a musician and a person.

Make sure and Listen to ‘Hurt’ if you haven’t heard it before!

Orchestra 24/7!

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 19.08.58

This weekend I have had orchestra 24/7 so I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much! 😦 I play in my regions youth string orchestra so we have to practice once a weekend, every month! Even though it gets a bit tedious at times, it’s a great experience and being part of a large orchestra really brings you on as a musician.

We do two large performances every year and that is what we work towards. At the moment we are currently practicing Gershwin’s Lullaby and  Benjamin Britten’s ‘Simple Symphony’, which is definitely not simple!

I have been playing the violin for about 5 years now, I do enjoy it (sometimes) but it definitely improves your intelligence and people seem quite impressed when you tell them!

If you play  any instruments be sure to leave a comment and I hope you accept my apology! xx

Cup Craze


If you haven’t heard of cup playing, them my friend you must be living under a rock! Though if you really don’t know what I am on about I guess I will explain.

This new phenomenon of cup playing, was made popular by the release of the new film ‘Pitch Perfect’, which was the first place it was ever really broadcast to a large audience. From there the obsession grew and grew, and now there are thousands, if not millions of people on youtube doing covers, mashups and even original songs, using only the aid of a cup. The most common cover, which is also the one featured in the film ‘Pitch Perfect’ is ‘You’re gonna miss me when I am gone.’ by Anna Kendrick.

Myself and a friend of mine took it upon ourselves to learn how to ‘play a cup’ last night, and I have to say we are pretty Good! I am thinking of uploading a video of my cup song talents, though beware I am not the best of singers xxx

Hope you found this interesting and, I might post the video of me playing them so come back tomorrow to see!

Link to ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me When I am Gone’