Beauty Haul and Favourites


These past weekends, I have admittedly been buying a bit more beauty bits and bobs than I probably need…. 😛 But that has came to good use because, one I am looking fine, and two I can share with you my favourite and probably some of this past months best beauty products. Enjoy! xoxo


These are my favourite beauty products, and tools from January 2013! I won’t be going into detail with all of them, because well It will take to long, but I will give you a wee bit of info on them! The powder brush you can see is from Sarah Ashton’s, 7 piece brush set and it is amazing. I got the brush set in a sale so of course it was a steal, plus the brush gives you great coverage and is extremely soft and gentle on the skin, so it is a must.

The small pot is M&S’ new collection lip balm and I have fallen in love with it. Admittedly it is a bit expensive but, it smells, feels, looks, and works amazing so I would definitely say it is well worth the money.

Soap & Glory’s thick and fast mascara is one of my absolute favourites. It actually makes it look as though you are wearing false lashes and it is so light and not clumpy at all.


Revelon Photo Ready Primer- This has to my favourite thing i have bought so far this year! It works a dream and makes my face look silky smooth and gives my foundation and powder great coverage. Another amazing thing about this product is that, you can wear it on its own without foundation and your skin still looks beautiful. It is also far healthier for your skin and pores, so I would definitely recommend!


l’Oreal Paris Elvive 48H’ Anti-Frizz Serum- I just got his Frizz Serum recently but it seems to be working a treat and is great value for money. I think there is a deal on where it is about £3.20 and it works just as well as the more expensive products on the market. I have a huge problem with frizz and this seems to be the only thing that works, so make sure if you are a sufferer to check it out!


Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets- Seriously guys there pads are miracles. No more looking sweaty after P.E these amazing little things just make the oil disappear, so you can continue looking fabulous! I don’t know if they sell the Kleenex ones in America, but I do know that there is a Clean & Clear version available in the USA, so all my friends of the world, buy them and save yourself from a sweaty face! xoxo


Revelon ColorStay Smoky Shadow Stick- I got this revelon creme eyeshadow, a little while ago after I saw MacBarbie07 feature it in one of her videos and I am in love. You get them in loads of different color’s and i am definitely going to get more. It is an easy effective way to get smoky eyes and the eyes shadow lasts so long you probably won’t have to top it up all day!


Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer- I know, I know that collection 2000 is not the best of brands, but this concealer is so good! My friend recommended it to me because, I have very fair skin and most concealers are just too orange. It comes in all different shades and is not to runny or thick, so it is just a great concealer and amazing value for money.


No7 Essentially Natural Foundation- The No7 skin test is a must, because let’s be honest who wants an orange face! My foundation matches my skin tone perfectly and  gives a beautiful natural finish. For a liquid foundation it is super lightweight and just amazing, so I recommend it as high as I can!

Photo on 23-01-2013 at 18.09 #4

I hope you guys found this interesting and if you need any more information on the products I have featured leave a comment or email me!



Rachel Berry

ImageHey guys, can we just take a minute to recognize how amazing the ‘old’ Rachel’s style was, and pray that the glee stylists will bring it back. Her unique geek meets chic style is amazing in my opinion and i have definitely taken inspiration from it. The ‘new’ Rachel’s style, is just a little too grown up and to be fair just isn’t as quirky and cool!

Here is a little Rachel Berry inspired outfit I put together myself…


Since I have never seen her wearing trousers, I thought it best to mix it up and try a cute floral white lace dress, blazer and her signature knee-high socks. For my hair I just pinned her my hair back because sadly I do not have bangs, but I put in a cute bow (which I made) to complete the look.

IMG_0986I made sure I was matching, because of course, it is Rachel Berry I am taking inspiration from! Luckly my über cute blazer came with that amazing flower and polka dot lining, so with that touch of colour I paired it up with a pair of the prettiest pink pumps.

IMG_0987I hope you like my Rachel Berry inspired look as much as I do, and remember to join me in praying for her awesome style to return!

Till Tomoz My Chics……xoxo

Dress Down Day Decision!


I made my decision! I went with No.2! I hope you guys approve xx I absolutely love this outfit and I was glad that some of you bothered to help out and give me feed back, because I went with my heart and wore what i really wanted to!

I matched a cute denim shirt, with my favourite purply/burgandy skirt, an adorable pair of brown boots, with white socks and finished it off with my new Hollister jacket, which is just amazing!


I just thought that this wood be a great look because it is simple, but still very cute and pretty. It is like pouring rain, where I live so I definitely stood out because everyone else had jeans on, but isn’t that what fashion is all about! I mean why be a sheep when you can be a lion! ❤


My cute boots from Primark, they were only £6! What a Steal!

One of the reasons I went with this outfit was because it just goes amazingly with my new school bag! I got it at christmas and it has to be my favourite bag ever! Accessorise is like the home of all things pretty, and i just had to get one of the back packs. The navy blue material with flowers and butterflys is perfectly balanced, with the light brown leather!



The Bestest Bag in the Whole Wide World!

Dress down Day Guide- Here is just a little guide to help you get through dress down day because we all know how important it is!

1. Choose your outfit the day before! – One of the worst things you can do, on a dress down day is just throw on anything in the morning. It is the one day of the whole month, when you can show everyone in school, what kind of person you are and it will definitely decide how cool/not cool you are! (Don’t judge me, I am just speaking the truth!)

2. Coordinate With Your Bag- One of the worst things that can happen to you, is that you have put together a really awesome outfit and then just before you leave the house you realise your bag clashes with it! I mean you are going to be wearing it all day so make sure it matches!

3. It doesn’t matter what the weather is!- I know in some extreme cases it will matter what the weather is, I just meant that maybe if it is raining, you shouldn’t refrain from wearing a skirt, because if you love fashion as much as I do, looking fabulous is what matters! 😛

Again thanks for helping me make my decision and if you have any questions or hints and tips for me, make sure and leave a comment or send me an email!



Hello, my fashion forward friends. I am in a bit of a sticky stituation and I know that you guys are the best people to help me!

Tomorrow is my school’s once a month dress down day, and well i just can’t decide what to wear! I know everyone can relate, to my predicament, so maybe could you just spare a minute or two to help a girl out. xx

I have managed to deduce my many outfits down to just three and I would be ever so grateful if you could leave a comment, telling me your favourite, or many some advice on how to mix them up!

Thanks so Much!

xoxox Maya

1. Jumper- Forever 21

Jeans- Primark (I am ashamed, but you can get some good buys)

Boots- New Look

2. Shirt- H&M

Skirt- TopShop

Boots- Primark

3. Jumper- KookaÏ

T-Shirt- H&M

Boots- Levis

Necklace- Accessories

Orchestra 24/7!

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 19.08.58

This weekend I have had orchestra 24/7 so I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much! 😦 I play in my regions youth string orchestra so we have to practice once a weekend, every month! Even though it gets a bit tedious at times, it’s a great experience and being part of a large orchestra really brings you on as a musician.

We do two large performances every year and that is what we work towards. At the moment we are currently practicing Gershwin’s Lullaby and  Benjamin Britten’s ‘Simple Symphony’, which is definitely not simple!

I have been playing the violin for about 5 years now, I do enjoy it (sometimes) but it definitely improves your intelligence and people seem quite impressed when you tell them!

If you play  any instruments be sure to leave a comment and I hope you accept my apology! xx

❤1D Love to Ski!❤


If you haven’t seen one directions new video, ‘kiss you’ then I recommend you check it out now! For all of you people who have not seen it, it’s basically a collection of spoofs on old music videos such as Elvis Presley’s Jail House Rock.

 The coolest part of the video has to be when they  are ‘skiing’! There outfits are just so retro, I love them! The boys beautifully bright  jumpers, and harry’s awesome dungarees are just amazing! Definitely the best choice their stylist ever made! 😛

Even if you don’t agree with me, no one can deny this is the best video they have ever made! Plus the song is great! xx

Check out Kiss You here-

Strange but True!


❤Here are some hysterical but true facts that I hope make you go LOL……

A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans,

The yo-yo was originally a weapon used in the Philippine jungles,

Almonds are members of the peach family,

 An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain,

A pregnant goldfish is called a twit,

Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy,

If you whip your head back and forth, you will loose 24 brain cells (poor willow smith 😛 ),

More people are killed annually by donkeys than air crashes,

Before the eraser bread was used to remove pencil marks,

Having Blue eyes is actually a mutation as before that all humans has brown eyes,

In Alaska it is illegal to look at a moose from a flying vehicle,

Orange juice is yellow not orange,

In outer space there exists a giant cloud of alcohol that could be used to produce 4 trillion trillion pints of beer,

If you have a ‘crush’ for longer than 4 months physiologists would consider you to be ‘in love.’,

Hope you thought this was funny! xx

Asthma is Not The End of the World!


Now I know too some of you, the title may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but if you are a young athlete like me, then the last thing you want to hear, is that you have asthma. You worry that it might affect your performance, or even that it might stop you ever having a career in sports.

For a couple of years now my breathing has just been getting worse, I find it very hard to do anything that involves stamina because after a short while it feels as though my lungs close up, so I can’t breath, and this morning I went to the doctor to finally get it checked out and well I got told I almost certainly have asthma. At first I was quite upset and shocked, because I thought that it meant that I no longer had a future in athletics, but the doctor was quick to reasure me that with modern technology, that having asthma does not hold you back in anyway and that many professional athletes themselves suffer from it! xx

So Don’t fear, if you are an athlete that suffers from asthma it is not the end of the world! You just have to stay positive and not let it hold you back!

♥Polka♥ Dot♥Jeans♥Love♥


I don’t know about you but I just cannot get enough of these polka dot jeans! They are literally the cutest thing I have ever seen, so I just have to get myself a pair! It is pretty hard to get them in the UK though, they seem to be a lot more popular in the US, but never fear Forever21 UK has them in. You better not get them before I do though! ♥

They are uber cute, so matching them up with a white or ivory cosy christmas sweater, a pair of converse and a pretty little hair bow, would make the perfect look. You can also get them in other colours such as pink and black, but I would really recommend staying away from the black ones, because to be honest they just look quite crass which is not what you want, trust me! xx

P.S I would recommend checking out Forever21’s jeans because they are all soo cute and not too expensive! ♥

Gorgeous Curls for Frizzy Hair


If you are like me then all you want is curls like that^, but because of a major frizz problem it is just not going to happen! When I curl my hair no matter what tools I use, I end up with an Afro not long luscious curls. 😦

Do not fear my friend I have the answer, if you are a sufferer from the unfortunate frizz problems then Frizz Ease, curl perfecting spray is for you! It calms down frizz and lets your hair flow freely. It is also at a very affordable price of $5.99 or £5.29. xx

I Hope this helped, and if you want any more advice just email me! I will be happy to help!