I’m Back!! For the Second time!

Finally, I am back (again)! So much has changed since I have last blogged! I was initially thinking of shutting my blog down because I have been away for so long but after reading my stats and seeing how much it is still viewed I realised I just couldn’t give up!

Since all the fashion weeks have been I will  probably do a recap of my favourites soon! So stay Tuned!!!


To be Continued….∞


Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank You so much to Lou for nominating me for this amazing award! Make sure to check out her fabulous blog Lou’s Labyrinth! xoxo I will leave a link at the end!

So here are the rules:
– Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
– Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
– Tell us 7 things about yourself.
– Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

7 Things about Maya- 

1. I am actually part italian even though I don’t look it. (Although it is quite obvious I suppose because I basically live on the food.)

2. I love all things sour. Lemons, Limes, Vinegar. I absolutely love them.

3. I have literally never done anything to my hair. Partly because I have the most mental cowslick in the world and also because my mum is so scared it will loose its colour. Seriously it has never been layered, cut short, not anything.

4. I can’t say Marshmallow and I never actually releasied I was saying it wrong until I was about 11. When I say it kinda sounds a bit more like ‘Mashmarllow’. 😛

5. I have promised myself never to watch a horror movie. In real life i don’t scare easy but for some reason I cannot handle scary movies. I am not joking, we had to leave the cinema when we went to see king kong and I got so scared at batman I started crying.

6. I have seen every single episode of friends and I watch it religiously every day. 😛

7. I can do the best Irish accent. I spent a long time with some irish kids and now I have perfected my accent. I wish you guys could hear it. xoxo









Good Luck Guys, and again thank you so much to Lou, I am forever in your debt! 😛

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ImageI am bloomin’ loving grunge atm. I have given up trying to look cute and pretty because to be honest I just don’t have that kinda face. My obsession with the 90’s and Cara Delevigne proably has a big part to play in this new craze of mine, but sitting watching a true hollywood story today on Johnny Depp today probably pushed me over the edge. Him and Kate Moss were the perfect couple. Both just as carelessly cool as the other.


I think this suits me because I have a mad cows lick thing on my forehead which means when I wear a middle parting it looks as though I have just rollen out of bed. But hey ho thats what grunge is all about, Minimal effort

Image(Look at me rocking dat grunge shizz)

I have actually decided that this is happening, so this sunday i am gonna do some major shopzin, and I get a new grungeified wardrobe. Seriously you will be seeing a female Johnny Depp. Who is by the way, the kind of all things grunge.


I seriously could not mention the word Grunge without bringing up Johnny Depp. Some may say nirvana but personally I think Johnny Depp was the first. His careless junky sheek style is the definition of amazing. He might not be quite as cool anymore but in his younger years he was more or less a grunge god. But who almost equals his grunge goodness… the one and only Kate Moss.


Her amazing face and effortless style is an inspiration. I am now in the process of trying to make myself look like the love child of Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne! xoxo






Hey hope you have taken a bit of inspiration and come back soon to check out my grunge god makeover! 😛

…And I didn’t give a damn

Wee Announcement

ImageLike My Sunnies? (Don’t Care if it is Snowing) 😛

Hey, this is just a wee announcement to avoid disappointment and confusion. I am away for most of this week competing and I am leaving to travel today. So sorry but I probably won’t be able to blog until Friday. I know it is terrible, but I can’t help if and i hope y’all are ok with the arrangement!

Till Friday….xoxo



To be quite honest I am still on the edge about Steampunk, which is unlucky for me because apparently it is meant to be the next big thing to hit the high street.  For all of you who do not know what steampunk is, it is basically a retro-futuristic blend of Victoriana and sci-fi style. I know Strange…..

It is currently a niche style, but apparently it is expected to make a huge leap into the high street. I don’t see myself wearing it personally, but it is becoming more and more popular everyday, so maybe it will grow on me.

I think it looks like the sort of thing you would see in a vintage sci-fi comic, but you know fashion can be crazy sometimes. Topshop and Asos have also joined in the trend, with gothic velvet and lace bralets along with floor-length pleated skirts in oxblood, and  double-breasted coats.

It has thought to of been made popular with the general public after films such as Sherlock Holmes and Van Helsing. Also Lady Gaga and Rhianna have been spotted embracing this new style.


I still have not made my mind up about Steampunk, and to be quite honest I don’t see enough people having the confidence to dress like that, but for any of you who do want to become a steam punker here is a short guide on how to get the look….

Headgear- Toppers, bowlers and veils.

Coats- Military trenches and greatcoats.

Jackets- Double-breasted, pin-stripe suits with waistcoats.

Shirts- Girls- the chiffon blouse- Boys collarless

Underwear- Bralets, corsets and petticoats.

Dresses- Velvet and lace

Trousers- Suit or jeans to make it look more casual.

Shoes- Spats or platformed boots.

Accessories Goggles are a must have, as wells as brooches and pocket watches.

Good Luck in releasing your in nor Steampunk!


Its My First Ever Blog So Be Kind!

               Shy Girlie!


Hello people of planet earth! If you are reading this thank you very much for visiting my blog! I have been wanting one for so long, and I have finally got around to it! Its my first ever blog so be kind, but any kind of help and suggestions would be great!

I started this blog because although I may not be able to afford all the clothes I want, I love fashion, and am occasionally guilty of sharing amazing words of wisdom 😉 I thought its a about time I get out their on the Internet! So Enjoy and Make sure to visit again xxx