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Thank You so much to Lou for nominating me for this amazing award! Make sure to check out her fabulous blog Lou’s Labyrinth! xoxo I will leave a link at the end!

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7 Things about Maya- 

1. I am actually part italian even though I don’t look it. (Although it is quite obvious I suppose because I basically live on the food.)

2. I love all things sour. Lemons, Limes, Vinegar. I absolutely love them.

3. I have literally never done anything to my hair. Partly because I have the most mental cowslick in the world and also because my mum is so scared it will loose its colour. Seriously it has never been layered, cut short, not anything.

4. I can’t say Marshmallow and I never actually releasied I was saying it wrong until I was about 11. When I say it kinda sounds a bit more like ‘Mashmarllow’. 😛

5. I have promised myself never to watch a horror movie. In real life i don’t scare easy but for some reason I cannot handle scary movies. I am not joking, we had to leave the cinema when we went to see king kong and I got so scared at batman I started crying.

6. I have seen every single episode of friends and I watch it religiously every day. 😛

7. I can do the best Irish accent. I spent a long time with some irish kids and now I have perfected my accent. I wish you guys could hear it. xoxo


Good Luck Guys, and again thank you so much to Lou, I am forever in your debt! 😛

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Fyodor Golan


Designer duo Fyodor Golan have been announced as one of The Centre for Fashion Enterprises, new ‘fashion stars’, so i thought I might look a bit deeper into their collection, and tell those of you who do not know that much about them, a little bit more.

There real names are Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, but they are more commonly know together as Fyodor Golan. They are known for their outgoing and expressive style, which was definitely reflected in their Spring/Summer 2013 collection.


 Their collection was definitely, ‘spiritually charged’

Fyodor Golan, take their inspiration from a more alien style, so there ability to transform it and make it sophisticated and glamorous, is probably why they are so successful. The models had lipstick markings on them from the book, ‘The Black Tattoo’. Their collection was also inspired by Aztec and Mayan warriors and elements, which was just beautiful. Although how many warriors do you know, can wear a stunning pepulum skirt with heels, and still win a war! 😛

Blue was of course, the colour of choice, but there were some purples and Ivory’s, which I personally loved because I thought the variation In material and colour really brought, some diversity to the collection.


 An example of the diversity in the collection.


 There were all sorts from beautiful body-con and lattice work dresses , to elegant flowing gowns, decorated with ruffles and plenty of beadwork. The pieces were mixed up with blue flames of orange, which were so beautifully decorated that they could of been an Autumn leaves. The eye-catching hats were designed by Zara Gorman, and were so unusual that they maybe could be accused of stealing the show

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 21.50.03

 I hope you found this post interesting, and If you haven’t heard of Fyodor Golan before, I hope this post spurs an obsession, because they are just so unusual and should definitely be watched.