I Need a Little Help From My Friends….❤

I am sincerely disappointed if you did not get the song reference. 😛


Hello all you amazing people. You may have noticed I am being nicer than normal at the moment and I am not gonna lie, that is for one specific reason. I kinda need your help. Seriously all I ask if for 20 seconds of your life and then you will be my best friend and I will love you for all eternity. Is that not a tempting offer!

I have entered this asos Fashion Finder Competition and it took me ages to create that collage, so I would be ever so grateful if you would be kind enough to click the link below and then press the love heart, (under it on the right hand corner to be exact).

If you do be sure to leave a comment and I am happy to give any of you beautiful people a instagram, twitter or blog shoutout!


^Please Click it Pretty Please With a Cherry On Top!^

P.S I think you may have to register with asos fashion finder to vote, but I am sure all you fashionistas already have an account.



A Dummies View On Braids

ImageIf you are like me, and you love braids but, find them impossible, then you will like this little rant. Because well… there might just be some advice at the end.

I mean how can you keep up with them all there are fish tails, waterfalls, dutch braids, double braids, french braids, Grecian braids and many more. All I can do is a normal plait, (thats what we call braids here in the uk) and a very wonky french braid. Help Me!


Everyone seems to be rocking braids at the moment even tiny wee ones, but I just can’t seem to pull them off. I do actually want to learn how to braid better, I mean this post isn’t just a big rant, but most of my friends and family are pretty useless and well, I do have one auntie who is a hairdresser but she lives really far away. 😦 I know I am so deprived….


More than anything I would LOVE to learn how to do a waterfall braid, so if anyone can help me please leave a comment below! I am coming to you my friends as a last resort! 😛

Braids are so, cute and even though like everything else they can be a bit OTT sometimes, they do really make you look that much more awesome! if you love/hate them as much as me, (it’s a complicated relationship we have) then make sure to get back to mwa, and share your inspiration, ideas or just plain rants!

You Know you Want To!



Hello, my fashion forward friends. I am in a bit of a sticky stituation and I know that you guys are the best people to help me!

Tomorrow is my school’s once a month dress down day, and well i just can’t decide what to wear! I know everyone can relate, to my predicament, so maybe could you just spare a minute or two to help a girl out. xx

I have managed to deduce my many outfits down to just three and I would be ever so grateful if you could leave a comment, telling me your favourite, or many some advice on how to mix them up!

Thanks so Much!

xoxox Maya

1. Jumper- Forever 21

Jeans- Primark (I am ashamed, but you can get some good buys)

Boots- New Look

2. Shirt- H&M

Skirt- TopShop

Boots- Primark

3. Jumper- KookaÏ

T-Shirt- H&M

Boots- Levis

Necklace- Accessories

Asthma is Not The End of the World!


Now I know too some of you, the title may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but if you are a young athlete like me, then the last thing you want to hear, is that you have asthma. You worry that it might affect your performance, or even that it might stop you ever having a career in sports.

For a couple of years now my breathing has just been getting worse, I find it very hard to do anything that involves stamina because after a short while it feels as though my lungs close up, so I can’t breath, and this morning I went to the doctor to finally get it checked out and well I got told I almost certainly have asthma. At first I was quite upset and shocked, because I thought that it meant that I no longer had a future in athletics, but the doctor was quick to reasure me that with modern technology, that having asthma does not hold you back in anyway and that many professional athletes themselves suffer from it! xx

So Don’t fear, if you are an athlete that suffers from asthma it is not the end of the world! You just have to stay positive and not let it hold you back!

Diary Drama


Am I the only one who has found it impossible to start a diary? I dunno if i am the only person who has suffered from this, but i have countless amounts of notebooks which I have tried to write a dairy in and then either forgot or vandalised it with doodles. Though I am proud to say I have finally been successful! I may only have been writing since the 27th December but I have not missed a night! 🙂 So I thought I would help all you guys out there who desperately want to start a diary but just can’t seem to (just like me). Here are 3 simple steps xx

Step 1- Do not give Up! Even if it is 12 o’clock at night and you have only just remembered get up and write, do not slack off!

Step 2- It is important to be honest. There is no point in not writing things because you don’t want anyone to read them! The whole point in having diary is being able to say anything, no matter how seemingly pointless or embarrassing, but if you are really worried about somebody reading it Write In code! xx

Step 3- Find a hiding place! If you are like me and would rather nobody read your diary find a good hiding place. Make it somewhere not so obscure that you forget where it is, just somewhere simple, that no one else would think to look!

A Little Tip- Try and decorate your diary, maybe draw some love hearts or stars to make it a bit more appealing. Also adding things like song lyrics that relate to your situation, it might make it a bit more entertaining to read in future xx