Maya Who?


Hey Guys, so the other day I was thinking that I’ve had this blog for a wee while now and I have yet to really introduce myself to you guys. Basically I won’t be giving too much away, seeing as I need to protect my top secret identity, but hopefully you will get to know just enough so that  you will maybe understand me a bit better. xoxo

I am a proud scot, and I have never lived anywhere else. This is probably the reason I am so eager to travel and discover the rest of the world. This blog is admittedly a secret so welcome to my little world.

I love clothes, beauty and just everything to do with fashion, but to be fair I do hide it a lot in my ‘real life’. I won’t lie I do quite well in school and I think more or less everyone I know expects me to go to university and become a doctor or lawyer of some sort, but I wont say too much about that…. maybe we will just see what happens with time. 😛 I do love sport and I have done almost all things sporty from Karate to athletics. Which may be a controversial because most bloggers especially fashion seem to be dead set against it.

When I grow up I do want to go to university, but I really would like to be involved in fashion, Whether I am a pro blogger or a top model I don’t mind but I would love to be involved in it one way or another.

I love music and although I personally believe I am the worst singer in the country, I do play a couple of instruments and I am starting more. I’ve been playing the violin for donkey’s years now, and I can also play the ukulele and guitar. I do prefer my ukulele but it is always good to have an understanding of other things, (or at least thats what people tell me 😛 ) P.S I am starting piano this week so wish me luck.  xoxo

Grrr: I am so jealous of all of you who live in wonderful and interesting cities like London or New York. I admittedly do live a very rural life but that doesn’t stop me from being connected to the outside world. Its not like we live in the victorian times guys. Although the downside of living somewhere so rural and cold has to be the fact that people just wear trackies and anaracks most of the time. Plus some don’t even venture to the more central areas of Scotland and experience fashion and uniqueness, so i am ashamed to say that the majority of my school thinks that g-star, adidas and and any other naf sporting brand is trendy. You don’t know the pain….. 😛

Me and my BFF are like the only people in the whole school who try and be a bit different. I am not  kidding you it is like I live in a colony of chavs! hahah

I hope you guys feel like you know me a bit better and if you have any other questions be sure to leave a comment xoxo