London Fashion Week- PPQ Love


Before I start this post I would like to just say a big sorry to everyone. Things have been so hectic this week, because I am back at school after half term, so my rountine is just all over the place. Please accept my apology and I hope you can relate! xoxo

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I have  been missing everything this wee but I have managed to check up on London Fashion Week and I am loving PPQ’s new collection. Some people may be a bit sceptical about the fact that they ditched the old dark and dreary colours associated with Autumn and Winter, and used a brighter summer palette really but it really appealed to me!


They had everything from black bodices to sweeping layered dresses, in all colours from zesty orange to bubblegum pink, as well as lime greens and beautiful yellows. The colour pop  coats and flirty skirts made it the liveliest and in my opinion the best collection for this Autum/Winter.

Keep Calm and Love PPQ! xoxo


London Fashion Week!


London Fashion week starts in 12 days! I can’t wait! I really, really want to go but it isn’t easy when you are school. 😦 Never mind I will still be reading up on it everyday, so not all is lost!

All new to well known and loved designers are going to be previewing there A/W 2013 collections! I am especially looking forward to Freya Dalsjö and Fyodor Golan!

Also if you are a blogger who can make it then you can apply for fast track registration right here-

You can thank me later…xoxo