I’m Back!! For the Second time!

Finally, I am back (again)! So much has changed since I have last blogged! I was initially thinking of shutting my blog down because I have been away for so long but after reading my stats and seeing how much it is still viewed I realised I just couldn’t give up!

Since all the fashion weeks have been I will  probably do a recap of my favourites soon! So stay Tuned!!!


To be Continued….∞


Cutie Pie!


It might not be the most outgoing look, but for days out shopping with your friends, or dress down days at school, I have found this to be a great look! Its pretty simple and cute, which I think makes it so great! My advice is put a twist on it and make it your own! Maybe swap the cardigan with a cute jacket, if you feel a bit more rock and roll swap the swede boots for some docs and a leather jacket, or maybe if you wanna be really cool add an awesome fur jacket! xx

Boots- Levi

Skirt- Topshop

Cardigan- New Look

Top- H&M

Necklace- Accessories