Orchestra 24/7!

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This weekend I have had orchestra 24/7 so I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much! 😦 I play in my regions youth string orchestra so we have to practice once a weekend, every month! Even though it gets a bit tedious at times, it’s a great experience and being part of a large orchestra really brings you on as a musician.

We do two large performances every year and that is what we work towards. At the moment we are currently practicing Gershwin’s Lullaby and  Benjamin Britten’s ‘Simple Symphony’, which is definitely not simple!

I have been playing the violin for about 5 years now, I do enjoy it (sometimes) but it definitely improves your intelligence and people seem quite impressed when you tell them!

If you play  any instruments be sure to leave a comment and I hope you accept my apology! xx